This delapidated signal house caught my eye while waiting for a tube.
Trying to find inspiration on a miserable day can be hard, until a ray of light is seen (or a few bouncing off the pavement).
Lights of St. Paul's
Oxo and Shard
Lights of South Bank
Bottle and Oxo
Temple Tube
Wheel and Westminster
Shell Mex House at Night
Steps up to The Bridge
Blue Water
Big Ben Rush
Ambulance at Westminster
Leaving Waterloo Station
The Bright Lights Of London
Runaway Bus
Trafalgar Fountain By Night
Reflections Of The Square
Shard At Sunrise
Lanterns Of London Bridge
Lighting up St. Clements
Don't Cross George
Wonky Arches
The Lonely Red Box
Blue Arch Restaurant
Cast Your Eye Behind The Bars
Down at the Princess of Wales
Smoking In Your Reflection
The Charing Cross Steps
Put Some Colour Into Your Life
Circle In The Square
Rainbow Explosion
How Much Neon?
Gherkin Lights
Look Up
Get Your Mexican Here
The Empty Streets Of Camden
Good Shot
Old and New
Romantic View
Stairway to Heaven (or St. Pauls)
St. Paul's Over The Millenium Bridge
Curves and Colours at Night

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