One of the bays where Italy's elite live and moor their boats.
One of the sheets (ropes to the layman), in the Almafi Coast.
The main ornate church in the town of Amalfi. It was a beautiful day, with the temperature to match.
Lots of businesses work in alleys in Italy, this florist is no different. The skill they had was amazing.
If you lived here, you would need to be very fit as to get anywhere you have many many steps to get anywhere.
This English Ford was seen in the hills of the Amalfi Coast in Italy. A nice surprise when I drove into the car park.
The Ford badge looks great in all its retro glory.
This washing line was set up with a colour coordinated wash load.
Mt. Vesuvius was estimated to erupt a few years ago, so the locals are just waiting for it to happen. It's a bit ominous when a huge cloud of volcanic gas comes out.
A strange but beautiful statue on the Amalfi Coast.
In foreign lands, you see many plants that you're not used to. This thin leaved plant was beautiful.
No Gorillas in this mist, just Mount Vesuvius.
Casually watching the boats go by as they take passengers over to the isle of Capri.
While walking to the ferry, we found this tiny door that looked like it couldn't go anywhere.
This Gent (who used to be a professional tennis player for the USA) was on holiday enjoying the quieter side of the Amalfi Coast.
Given the choice, I'd choose the motor cruiser anyday.
A small boat speeds round the headland on the beautiful island of Capri.
From the isle of Capri, Sorrento looks like it's on it's own island, rather than being part of the mainland.
Some people enjoy a quiet relaxing holiday on board, around the isle of Capri.
Boast speed around the island of Capri like it's a giant rat run.
The gorgeous clear waters surrounding Capri.
After a day on Capri, we got back on the ferry and the weather started to close in, finally to provide a show of the best lightning storm I'd seen all year.
To get to town, we had to walk through the lemon grove. It was a the best commute I've ever done.

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