The Bikes of HCMC
The park by the river
Standing in front of the church
Shopping run
Army Chinook
Star Banner
Chinook 86
US Prop
US Danger
Early morning swim
Basking in the morning sun
Pillars and steps
Lillies and Temples
Golden Budha
Steps to the temple
Lie in
Floating bell
Roof of Ave Maria Nha Trang
Ave Maria Nha Trang
Shopping Bike
Hoi An Lanterns
Out to the temple
The Grand Entrance
Green Dragon
Porcelain Guard
The Boats Have Eyes
Hoi An Boats
Bonzai by the window
In to the Citadel
Corridors of red
Path out
Guarding the steps
You and Who's Army?
Moss and Symbols
Mornin Mist on the Lake
Ho Chi Mihn flower arranging
In to Ha Long Bay
First morning in Ha Long
The Dragon Pearl
Our Rowing Guide
Rowing in to the village
On a break
The Village

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