While waiting for some fellow photographers in the car park of the steam museum, this huge spring (nearly a meter long) presented itself.
This Engineer, spent many an hour tweaking controls to minute detail to keep this engine, which was bigger than a 2 storey house, running smoothly.
I saw this and have cropped it in two ways, I like them both equally so have put both of them online to see the best crop.
The Engineer was keeping the engine permanently oiled while it was running.
A discarded relic in Kew Steam Museum.
This is the main pressure valve on the main cyclinder on this 100 inch triple expansion steam engine.
The main beam arm that is used to pump water using the 100 inch engine.
I haven't the foggiest what you need this huge circular piece for, nor why it needs a serial number. But it made an interesting article against the oil can.
The main inlet rods from the smaller 90 inch triple expansion engine at Kew Steam Museum.
These spanners were over a meter in length. I suppose if the machine you are working on is five floors high, a meter is nothing.
After walking around what I thought was a pillar holding up the roof, I saw this strange valve coming out.
Dial 258 for the Engine House.
A host of dials all controlled with the corresponding attached valves.
These control valves were extreme oily, but an oiled valve is a happy valve.

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