Another day - more snow! These two ladies are on their way from the shops through the snow back home.
This girl is waiting for a lift while hiding under her brolly.
Our work statue looks a bit chilly today.
On a cold snowy winter's day, we're snug indoors.
It was cold at Iceland today!
It's still snowing, with no sign of let up.
Yet more snow, with an ornamental tree taking the brunt.
On a lonely cold street, this postbox is defiant of the cold.
Walk this way.
Don't think those tyres will afford much grip.
This draughty phone box, gives no shelter to anyone making a call.
5mph for the humps - don't worry about the snow!
When the ice comes, man and machine share the road where it's been gritted.
Parked outside of work, this bike sits idly in the falling snow.

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